Recently, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said the Gyanvapi dispute involves some issues of faith and the court’s decision on it should be accepted by all, but also there was no need to find a ‘Shivling’ in every mosque and start a new dispute every day. He said that the RSS had already made it clear that its participation in the Ayodhya agitation was an exception. “On November 9, we said that for historical reasons, we got involved in the Ram Janmabhoomi campaign and we completed it. Now, we don’t want to lead any movement”.

While addressing a concluding ceremony of an organisation training programme in Nagpur, the RSS chief said, “Gyanvapi matter is ongoing. Can’t change history. Neither today’s Hindus nor today’s Muslims created it. It happened at that time. Islam came from outside via attackers. In the attacks, Devsthans were demolished to exhaust the morale of those who wanted India’s independence.” “Issues raised over places in which Hindus have a special devotion. Hindus don’t think against Muslims. Ancestors of today’s Muslims were Hindus too. It was done to keep them forever devoid of independence&suppress morale. So Hindus feel they(religious places)should be restored,” he added.

He also said RSS is not opposed to any form of worship and considers all of them holy. “We have no opposition against any form of worship, we accept them all and consider all of them holy. They may have adopted that form of worship but they are descendants of our rishis, munis, Kshatriyas. We are descendants of the same ancestors,” he said.The Varanasi District court on Monday deferred till the 4 July hearing on the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee’s plea challenging the maintainability of a suit filed by Hindu women in the Gyanvapi case.

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