A New decision was taken to convert all all-girls government schools in the state to co-educational schools and begin to teach maths and science in the English medium instead of Assamese, Bodo or Bengali by the Assam Cabinet.

Educational Minister Ronoj Pegu while being interviewed by the media, said, “Except a few schools with historical background, all government-run all-girls schools in the state will be converted into co-educational ones.”

He additionally informed that Science and Maths will be taught from classes 3 to 12 in all government schools in English, and not in Assamese, Bodo, Bengali or other languages.

Moreover, there will be about 5-10 schools in every district that will be transformed into English medium which will be the basic language of instruction in all subjects in parallel to Assamese, Bodo and Bengali. Students will be provided with choice of their preferable language which would be the medium of instruction in these schools from classes 6 to 12.

While in secondary schools, the cabinet decided to introduce two subjects, geography and history in the curriculum instead of social studies.

The minister further added that the government has also made it compulsory for private schools to register with the fee regulatory authority. He said, “We have around 6,000 private schools of which around 1,800 are registered as of now.”

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