The founders and members of Alt News were peddling fake news over their website to the world. They always have anti-Hindu tendencies. At time, Alt News has been at the vanguard of generating misinformation under the excuse of carrying out dispassionate and neutral news  that are mostly partisan prejudices and personal biases.

Pratik Sinha, Nirjhari Sinha and Mohammed Zubair, senior members and co-founders of Alt New, they form a group of left ideologues and most of the time spreading fake news or half baked news.

Nirjhari Sinha, a director at Alt News, has a long history of peddling fake news and making unsubstantiated claims that later turn out to be hoaxes. This come into light, wheh a Twitter user handle @Gujju_Er shared a sample list of instances when Sinha was caught red-handed sharing fake news and propaganda.

Sinha had also seen sharing a picture of Lord Krishna pointing out the Moon to a group of people, trying to give an incorrect propaganda that the Hindu God was celebrating Eid with his Muslim brother.
Alt News fashions itself as a “fact-checking” website that has mastered the art of “reverse-searching” images to debunk fake news, Sinha was once caught sharing a picture from 2004 to mock Gujarat Tourism Ads in 2016.

Alt News from the starting has employed to continue its propaganda while polishing its “fact-checking” credentials is by first disseminating fake news and then “fact-checking” them. 

Nirjhari Sinha once posted a fake news website link to claim that PM Modi was the most corrupt PM in the world. Later on, Alt News fact-checked it saying the website was fake.

The co-founder of Alt News, Pratik Sinha was equally active of peddling fake news.

In December 2020, a social media user @BefittingFacts took to Twitter to expose the AltNews co-founder Pratik Sinha for exploding social media platforms with fake and misleading information. The social media user highlighted that Sinha, a self-described ‘fact-checker’, has an inveterate habit of spreading lies and distortions and has been doing so with impunity for the last few years.

Another member Mohammed Zubair, currently lodged in jail over his Hinduphobic tweets insulting Hindu Gods, too, has been exposed numerous times for his habit of sharing fake news and motivated propaganda.

In September 2020, activist Ankur Singh took it upon himself to show how Zubair is more of a weapon to spread misinformation, that not only overthrow Indian democracy but also pose a threat to it.

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