Ranoj Pegu, Assam education minister on Tuesday said that the mutual transfer orders through the state government’s teacher transfer portal had been issued to as many as 7,716 teachers in the first phase.

Pegu tweeted the informed that as many as 7,716 teachers in the state had been issued through the portal hrms assam.in.

The first phase of the order was executed in two days, the state education minister further mentioned. The second phase will begin on Wednesday.

The education department of Assam had already verified the Online Application for Mutual Transfer TET & Online Teacher Transfer Application 2021 district-wise. After the District wise verification, the Online Mutual Transfer has been uploaded in the TTMS Portal, SSA Assam & Education Dept, Assam

The motive behind Teacher Mutual Transfer is to reduce corruption and speed up the process by digitizing the process. Particularly, in this new digital process, tthe desired teachers will be able to submit their transfer requests in the form of an application on the official portal without visiting any office of the department.

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