Greenhouse gases played a predominant role in the heatwave, the study published July 22, 2022, in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences stated. The direct effect is that greenhouse gases help trap heat from the sun and then increase the temperature on earth. Global warming associated with greenhouse gases was responsible for the long-term increase of the average daily maximum temperature in the region of western North America during the past, modelling analysis revealed.

Human activities have warmed the planet at a rate never seen before in the planet’s long history in the past 2,000 years in particular. While natural changes to the Earth’s climate do occur, 1.07℃ of the 1.09℃ warming is due to greenhouse gases associated with human activities. Thus, almost 100 per cent of global warming has been caused by humans. Human influence is the main driver of hot weather extremes (which have become more frequent and intense since 1950s), and without which these extremes would have been unlikely.

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