Realising the importance of growing harrassment and child sexual assault cases India joined the Interpol’s International Child Sexual Exploitation (ICSE) database which will facilitate it to draw links between victims, abusers and crime scene through the usage of audio-visual data.According to a statement published from the Interpol, the nodal agency of India’s for Interpol matters, the CBI, joined the database which makes India the 68th country to attach to it.

The database enables specialized investigators to share information on cases of child sexual abuse which acts as an intelligence and investigative tool.Through the usage of these images and videos comparing softwares, the investigators are able to track down the criminals by recognising victims and places of crime.

Detectives and investigators across 68 countries can communicate and exchange information and notes with their colleagues and verify information if necessary.

“By analysing the digital, visual and audio content of photographs and videos, victim identification experts can retrieve clues, identify any overlap in cases and combine their efforts to locate victims of child sexual abuse,” the Interpol website states.

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