Industrialist Anand Mahindra said that he is really sad to see such a protest against the new military scheme. He said that he and his business group would like to recruit people trained under this scheme and it would be beneficial for both the company and those moved out trainees. 

Saddened by the violence around the #Agneepath program. When the scheme was mooted last year I stated-& I repeat-the discipline & skills Agniveers gain will make them eminently employable. The Mahindra Group welcomes the opportunity to recruit such trained, capable young people,” Mr Mahindra tweeted.

On the same tweet a user asked him what positions Mahindra will hire Agniveers in, and to this the industrialist responded, “Large potential for employment of Agniveers in the Corporate Sector. With leadership, teamwork & physical training, agniveers provide market-ready professional solutions to industry, covering the full spectrum from operations to administration & supply chain management.”

Mass protests have broken out across the country after the centre announced the new scheme under which youngsters in the 17.5 to 21 years age group will be recruited for four years.

After four years, 75 percent of the recruits will be let go off with a sum of about Rs 12 lakh but no pension benefits. The 25 percent of recruits retained will go on to serve a 15-year tenure.

On this decision many have argued that the four-year term may make a soldier reluctant to take risk, protesters have raised questions on what they would do after the tenure ends.

The centre has given several words of honour like, preference will be given to Agniveers in paramilitary forces and government positions. Regardless of all that, some people are still protesting against the scheme. However, the centre has made all the announcements and it will take into force soon.

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