After the hazard cause by floods everywhere, inhabitants of Guwahati are now more concerned about the problem  faced by plastics. Hence, Conservationists and concerned citizens of Guwahati have demanded the state government and authorities to come up with a strict law on sale and use of plastic in a bid to reduce severity of floods in the city.

The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) had removed around 80,000 cubic metres of plastic waste from drains since December 25 last year till now.

Conservationist Hemen Lahkar, has come forward and has been raising his voice for the protection the wetlands and the river channels to reduce floods. The state government had banned plastic by issuing notifications several times earlier but only for few days or months, again the citizens keeps on using this plastics.
“We have never seen strict enforcement of the order. It is a mystery why the enforcement agencies are not able to strictly implement the ban,” Hamen Lahkar added.

Ashok Singhal,Urban affairs minister, who visited different flood-affected locations, said, “Clogged drains are a major hindrance in the continuous efforts to reduce waterlogging in the city. In this grim situation, while we are tirelessly working to unclog the drains, I ardently appeal to the residents of the city not to dump waste into the drains.”

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