Earlier in 2020, J&J declared that it would stop selling its talc Baby Powder in the United States and Canada as in these countries the demand had fallen as a result of “misinformation” spread about the product’s safety.

However, the company went through about 38,000 lawsuits from consumers and their survivors who allegedly claimed its talc products cause cancer due to contamination with asbestos, a known carcinogen.

But the J&J denies all such accusations, and stated that these are only mere rumours and that they have established such a brand after decades of scientific testing and regulatory approvals. Therefore, on Thursday, it made an announcement that they will not produce the product anymore.

Ben Whiting, an attorney with the plaintiffs firm Keller Postman, stated that as the lawsuits are paused in bankruptcy, the company’s sales decision won’t immediately affect them. “If these cases were to go again, then it’s a very big deal,” Whiting mentioned.

According to bankruptcy court records, prior to the bankruptcy filing, the company was faced with costs from $3.5 billion in verdicts and settlements, including one in which 22 women were awarded a judgment of more than $2 billion.

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