The Ministry of Home Affairs, blacklisted seven Bangladeshis among them were, 6 religious leaders and 1 singer. They were reportedly engaged in some objectionable activities in Assam and in the neighbouring country.

The decision to blacklist the seven Bangladeshis was made after the Assam government had notified the intelligence report against them to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Hiren Nath, Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), spoke to Republic Media Network, and confirmed the development, saying, “Actually, we had observed that for quite some time, many religious preachers come from Bangladesh, and there is no objection as such if there is actually religious preaching observing all the rules and without disturbing the communal peace and harmony. But, we have found that many preachers come on Tourist Visa or Medical Visa…So, when you come on these Visas, you cannot do religious preaching, you cannot indulge in economic activities, and you cannot take money from people. That is very much established in the Visa rules.”

Amidst all this, India has seen many illegal trespasses of Bangladeshis. On 7 June, six Bangladeshi nationals were arrested by Indian law enforcers along with two people hailing from Jaintia Hills,Dionitrios Khyriem and Merciful Suja. They had charges of illegal trespass and assisting the Bangladeshis. After proper investigation it is found that these Bangladeshis were to be travelling everywhere without proper documents.

Also another incident took place on 16 June, Eleven  Bangladeshi nationals were seized  by East Jaintia Hills Police for illegally trespassing into Indian territory. Among them were two locals, John Patwad and Jingieit Suting, who were also seized for helping them in their illegal activities.

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