It’s time to bid adieu to Microsoft’s oldest browser, Internet Explorer (IE). After 27 years of service, the app will finally retire on June 15, 2022. In May last year, an announcement on Microsoft’s website stated that Internet Explorer will be rendered inoperable from June 15, 2022 on certain versions of Windows 10. Now, as of June 15, the IE desktop app will be disabled, and users will be redirected to Microsoft Edge.

Many competitors entered the browser and started offering user-interference, faster internet speed and good performance. In this Internet Explorer couldn’t keep up with the competition and was developed into the default explorer which is used to install other browsers. The nearly three-decade-old browser peaked at 95 per cent usage share in 2003. However, IE could not maintain its position, and its user base started to decline drastically as other competitors released new browsers with better user interfaces, faster internet speed and smoother performance. Internet Explorer, over time, has devolved into a default browser that is used to install other browsers.

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