Today, the National Education Ministers’ Conference will begin in Gujarat with a focus on the implementation of the new National Education Policy (NEP). Education Ministers of states and Union Territories will be participating in the two-day conference.The conference is expected to witness deliberations on strengthening the education ecosystem in the country with focus on implementation of National Education Policy 2020, skilling in schools and digital initiatives.

The Indian vision of education has always relied on imparting education to the individuals that lead to the holistic development of the personality, meaning the integrated development of body, mind, intellect and soul. Only by educating the whole individual and addressing his physical, emotional, ethical, moral, cultural, social, and academic needs can a compassionate, knowledgeable personality be developed.

Our teaching-learning system from pre-primary school to higher education level must focus on imparting education in an integrated learning format that creates individuals who have intrinsic reverence for life, who are physically, mentally and morally sound, possessing exemplary knowledge and skills in the chosen disciplines, but serving as the treasure of humanitarian values such as compassion and peace, realising the purpose of life and purposeful connections between the local community and natural world and imbibing high ideals and values of our age-old great Indian culture and tradition.

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