Assam girl Sneha Pareek is the only girl student who scored perfect 100 percent in the first cycle of JEE Main this year. She said she foresees doing something great for the country in the technical field instead of fulfilling personal ambition.

Like thousands of engineering aspirants, her first choice is to study computer science after qualifying JEE Advanced next. However, Sneha said the country’s advancement in the world of computers is her first and ultimate target. Rather than lucrative job offers and money making. She said, “When I came to know about Google, its features, how it works and how the people in the background work with data, I felt the curiosity to work with such an organisation. That’s why I want to be a part of the computer world and study computer science. But my ultimate goal is to do something great for the country’s future.”

Sneha is  now waiting for her CBSE Class XII results. But more than board examination, her main focus was on JEE Main. She was not able to score 100 percent in the mock tests conducted by the private coaching institute in Guwahati where she is being groomed to face JEE Advanced. She said, “I could not score 300 out of 300 in any of the mock tests due to some silly mistakes every time. On the final day (JEE Main) somehow it went well and I scored a perfect 100.”

Sneha shared her thoughts on schools and felt that schools play a pivotal role in shaping students to face competitive examinations like JEE Main. She said, “Schooling is very important to clear the basics.  NCERT is being covered in the schools. So, a vital part of JEE exams preparation is done in schools only. I regularly attended classes in school, which helped in the boards as well as in JEE Main,” she said. “Before the board examinations I gave some time to other two subjects — English and physical education. But preparations for physics, chemistry and mathematics were done with JEE Main preparation only.”

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