Mizoram administration against the construction of Shiva Temple

NewsDesk    17-Oct-2020
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Regarding the construction of a proposed Temple in a disputed border area between Mizoram and Tripura, the Mamit district administration of Mizoram has imposed 144 CrPC in the village and surrounding areas.
The Mamit district magistrate informed that an organization called 'Songrongma' has intended to construct a Shiva temple at Thaidawn tlang under his administration without any permission from the administration.
He alleged that it is against the interest of the local community and can harm the peace and tranquillity of the area.
Tripura and Mizoram share a 66 km inter-state border. The construction of the temple is proposed on a disputed area of this border. The dispute regarding a particular area, of Kanchanpur Subdivision of Tripura and the Mamit district administration of Mizoram, is still there.
Recently, the Tripura government identified some dual ration cardholders having names in Mizoram electoral roll from this particular area. Which restarted the conflict.