Pope Francis 'likes' photo of Brazilian bikini model, “That’s my kind of Pope”, says Twitter user

News Desk    20-Nov-2020
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Soon after screenshots of a scantily dressed Brazilian model’s photo with the "like" from the Pope Francis’s official account went viral, a sea of devilish reactions and jokes can be seen across social media platforms.
According to reports, Natalia Garibotto (27), said the Pope’s verified Franciscus account was among the 133,000 that “liked” a saucy image of the model standing at a school locker with a white crop-top and a skirt that barely reached her behind.
It is unclear when the photo of Garibotto was given an endorsement by the pope’s verified account, but the “like” was still visible on 13 November before being unliked the next day, according to the Catholic News Agency (CNA).
However, the Vatican said it was seeking explanations from Instagram after Pope Francis’s official account liked the Brazilian bikini model photo.
Meanwhile, joking on the development, She said “At least I’m going to heaven” and teased followers that she would “teach you a thing or two” along with a red devil emoji.
Among several hilarious reactions, a Twitter user’s tweet saying “That’s my kind of Pope” took eyes of many. 
The “like” was removed a day later and an investigation is underway.