1300 Year Old Lord Vishnu's Temple Discovered in "Mythical Islamic" Pakistan

NewsDesk    21-Nov-2020
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A Hindu temple believed to be constructed over 1300 years ago has been excavated by archeological experts at a mountain in Swat district in Western Pakistan on Thursday.
After a close examination by historians and archeological experts, it has been said that the temple belongs to Lord Vishnu.
It was built 1,300 years ago during the Hindu Shahi period.
The Hindu Shahi was a Hindu dynasty that ruled the Kabul Valley (eastern Afghanistan), Gandhara (modern-day Pakistan-Afghanistan), and present-day northwestern India.
During their excavation, the archaeologists also found traces of cantonment and watchtowers near the temple site. They also found a water tank near the temple where they believes devotees used to take bath before the worship.
Several places of worship of Buddhism were also excavated in the Swat district.