Big Expose: Money Generated From Cattle Smuggling In Meghalaya Is Used To Fund Insurgent Groups, Says BSF

NewsDesk    21-Nov-2020
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According to BSF in Meghalaya, a study has revealed that the money which is generated from cattle smuggling in Meghalaya is being used to fund the insurgent groups in the state.
“Cattle smuggling in the state has re-surfaced and is increasing in East Khasi Hills, West Jaintia Hills and East Jaintia Hills districts, which share their borders with Bangladesh,” said an official statement issued by BSF, Meghalaya Frontier. 
To prevent any such smuggling activity, the BSF has formed a special force which will conduct intellegnec based operations in suspicious areas. The whole malicious plan came into light when BSF arrested 6 persons involved in cattle smuggling from West Jaintia Hills of Mehalaya. They also caught a truck filled with cattles which according to accused was transported from Khanapara in Guwahati.