Guwahati Based Christian Missionary "Snehalaya" Allegedly Received 31 Crores For Children Homes But Used The Money For Conversions

NewsDesk    01-Dec-2020
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Social service is one of the most appreciatable activities which is aimed towards assisting the needy. Many NGO's in India are involved in undertaking the same social acts to help the society in one way or other.
But, in recent times, there are many instances which have revealed that these social services sometimes work with a hidden agenda which operates at the backend. Christian missionaries are at the forefront in leading such wrong examples in our society.
A similar instance of misusing the concept of social services has been reported in Guwahati where an Orphanage named Snehalaya has been allegedly misusing the funds received to convert children. The said organisation has violated the FCRA norms and received Rs 31.8 crore for children's home but were allegedly using the funds to covert the religion of childrens.
According to NCPCR, Snehalaya had also received MPLAD funds from Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. NCPCR has also written to the home ministry for cancellation of their license.
We have tried to contact Snehalaya to comment on this whole issue, and in case they respond, we will update this article accordingly.