PM Modi Looks Like A Devil. People Will Spit On his Graves: Yograj Singh, Father of Yuvraj Singh Sparks Controversy In Farmers Protest

NewsDesk    02-Dec-2020
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The father of former cricketer Yuvraj Singh has sparked a controversy. Yograj Singh, the father of Yuvraj Singh, while supporting the farmer's protest in Delhi, has termed Prime Minister Modi and other central ministers as a devil.
While speaking to a Punjabi news channel, he stated that the face of PM Modi and other central ministers looks like a devil. Yograj Singh also accused the prime minister Modi of committing more worst atrocities than the Babur and Aurangzeb. 
He further added that people would spit on the graves of PM Modi and other cabinet ministers in the future.
He didn't even stop here. He went ahead to say that home minister Amit Shah has very few days left, and he has removed the Sikh security guards from his security.
Yograj Singh also gave a provocative speech among farmers and supported the Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and asked them to become like Bhindranwale terrorists. He added that everyone in this protest is Jarnail Singh.