'Akhil Gogoi Was Planning To Stoke Violence Between Bengali And Assamese Society': Read NIA Chargesheet Accessed By Our Northeast

NewsDesk    10-Jan-2021
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The investigation into the involvement of Akhil Gogoi in flaring up anti-CAA riots is still ongoing. Recently, the Gauhati High Court rejected the bail application of Akhil Gogoi and had termed the protests led by Akhil Gogoi during anti-CAA agitation as an act of terrorism. The court also stated that these protests were not Satyagraha.
The basis on which the Gauhati High Court made these observations are based on the findings of the charge sheet filed by NIA against Akhil Gogoi. We have been able to get access to the charge sheet, which was filed by NIA.
This charge sheet details how the well-planned conspiracy started to stoke violence between two sections of society in Assam. NIA's charge sheet mentions the witness who confessed that Akhil Gogoi, on Dec 9, 2019, had called the witness to plan about the protests, and Akhil Gogoi on the phone had asked the witness to do something fiery.
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After this conversation between the Akhil Gogoi and Witness, both of them on the same day had reached Chabua at evening 6 PM. The witness accounts that there was a massive crowd of 6000 people to whom Akhil Gogoi had addressed and provoked the crowd, which later turned violent and started pelting stones on the police force.
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During the stone pelting, the O/C of Chabua, who was on duty, got severely injured and permanently lost his teeth.

But what is more important here to note is that Chargesheet reveals a deep-rooted conspiracy to flare violence between the Assamese and Bengali clan. It says that protestors led by Akhil Gogoi were planning to burn down the houses in Amravati color, which is a Bengali inhabited locality in Chabua. However, this sinister plan was foiled because of proper inputs received by the administration.
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The charge sheet also states that even when the situation turned violent, Akhil Gogoi did not try to stop the crowd, and he stayed at the site for nearly 2 hours after the violence. The Chargesheet also says that a policeman was attacked by a violent mob. He was lying with a severe facial injury and behind him was the crowd shouting slogans like-Jai Aai Axom.

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According to the charge sheet, the magnitude of violence was so big that Chabua Railway Station, apart from blocked by the protestors led by Akhil Gogoi, was also partially burnt, causing loss and damages to the public property.