Elon Musk Is Right; Signal Messenger Can Offer Best Alternative To WhatsApp With Better Privacy. Read Details

NewsDesk    12-Jan-2021
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After WhatsApp has forced millions of its users to accept the new policy, which declares that WhatsApp will share the users data with Facebook and other entities, people are looking for another safe option. Elon Musk recently recommended his followers on Twitter to download and use the Signal messenger application.


Let us look at how it fares in comparison to WhatsApp:
  • Signal is undoubtedly an excellent messaging platform to replace WhatsApp as it offers a broader range of security. In WhatsApp, only messages and videos are encrypted, but in Signal, all communication forms are encrypted. Even the metadata is also encrypted. It uses a sealed sender with the help of which no one, not even Signal, can known who is messaging to whom.

  • In Whatsapp, one doesn't have the option to hide the IP address, but in Signal, one gets the option to hide the IP address, limiting the tracking of device location.

  • In terms of storing information, the Signal only stores contacts. However, Whatsapp stores several other data, and it has also decided to share this with Facebook. 

  • Signal also supports group features with a maximum of 150 members. In Signal, any member can be added to the group only if they accept the invitation, unlike WhatsApp, where accepting an invitation is not required.