PM Modi Takes Potshots At Dynastic Politics While Addressing Youth Parliament. Read What More He Said

NewsDesk    12-Jan-2021
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi while being an inevitable part of Youth Parliament today addressed the valedictory function of the second National Youth Parliament. He motivated and congratulated each one of the presentee there at the Central Hall of the Parliament House saying that they must feel proud of their own selves to be seated in such a place where once many great personas had sat.


He urged the youth to establish an avid association in Indian politics. The people of the nation have started valuing the true potent leaders irrespective of any discrimination and undoubtedly shower acceptance and opportunity to many such young leaders.


The PM further addressed one of the longest burning issue of politics saying, “ it is true that the fortunes of those who have been winning elections on the basis of surnames are dwindling. But in politics, this disease of dynastic politics is not completely finished. There are still people whose politics is aimed at saving their family. It is never ‘nation first’ for those practising dynastic politics and it is all about ‘me and my family.’ He further added, “Poison of dynastic politics will continue to weaken the democracy unless the youth people interfere and question it.”


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The development is assured only when participation from each section of population is eminent. And the youths are the prominent asset in reforming, understanding and executing governmental policies. Thereby the notable leader invites the youth into politics saying, “Our politics needs young people. This is a constructive medium to make positive changes and walk towards a better Democracy”