In Mamta's Bengal, TMC MLA Slaps Journalist For Publishing A News That He Did Not Like

NewsDesk    07-Jan-2021
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In another incident wherein a local journalist in Jaipaiguri district of West Bengal was allegedly slapped by Ananta Deb Adhikari, the Trinamool Congress MLA from Mainaguri on Monday.


The journalist named Somnath Chakraborty reportedly drew the ire of the MLA after he published news about the MLA’s criticism of the Zilla Parisad.


In a country like India, where the present Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister, Amit Shah is criticised and made fun of on a regular basis, the duo takes it sportingly and dust off the claims calling the government fascist. Apart from the political duties, a politician is expected add a societal value.


The incident reportedly took place after an open gymnasium inauguration in the Mainaguri area. Chakraborty while talking to Republic told that the incident happened in regards to Jalpesh Fair where the MLA addressed claiming the organizers for strategically not involving him in any sort of decision making. But the organizers refuted it upon confrontation.


This news got published on Tuesday at an event, where the MLA bashed Chakraborty for publishing this ‘anti-government’ news and slapped him. An FIR been filed by the journalist against Adhikari.