India is Moving To Space Age , Says PM Modi

NewsDesk    11-Oct-2021
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Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Indian Space Association (ISpA). At the virtual launch event, PM Modi said that the government can no longer act as a handler for the Space sector, but rather has to work as an enabler. ISpA is a private industry body to help boost space technology in India. ISpA’s founding members include OneWeb, Bharti Airtel, Mapmyindia, Walchandnagar Industries, and Ananth Technology Limited among others. ISpA will participate and work with ISRO and others on the issue of policy around space technology and domain. It will focus on capacity building and space economic hubs and incubators in India. ​He said that the government’s policies will help ensure innovation in the private space sector. ISRO’s facilities will also be opened up to the private sector, he said during his address. Now, India is among the few countries which has end-to-end technology in the space sector.He added that his government's approach to reforms in the space sector is based on the four pillars; allowing the private sector freedom of innovation, government playing the enabler's role, preparing youngsters for the future and envisioning the sector as a resource to help the common man's development.