Democracy Ends In Myanmar After Myanmar Army Takes Control Of The Nation In A Coup

NewsDesk    01-Feb-2021
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After ruling for nearly five decades in Myanmar, once again the Myanmar army has taken control of the nation for at least a year after ousting the democratically elected government from the power centre.
Today (February 1), in the early morning hours, the Myanmar Army announced that it had taken control of the nation in a coup. The Myanmar Army said that it had taken control of the nation under emergency situation.
Last year, in November 8 elections, the NLD party led by Prime Minister Aung San Suu had registered a landslide victory while contesting against military-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party.
After the election victory by NLD, allegations of election fraud was labelled against Prime Minister Aung San Suu, and friction began between the Myanmar army and pro-democratic party NLD.
After this intensified friction between NLD party and Army, the Myanmar Army staged a coup and took over the nation's administration. Several leaders, including the Prime Minister Aung San Suu, have been detained by the Myanmar Army.
It should be mentioned here that from 1963-2011, Myanmar was under the Army, and it is only after 2010, the democratic process began in Myanmar. However, a provision was made that in Parliament, 25% of the seats must be reserved for the Army appointees.