'Does Brandishing Placards Of Maoists In Farmers Protest Serve The Purpose Of Farmers?': Highlights of PM Modi Powerful Speech In Parliament

NewsDesk    10-Feb-2021
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Prime Minister Modi today addressed the parliament replying to the motion of thanks of the President. The PM while addressing the house launched a scathing attack on the opposition.

The PM denounced the opposition of misleading the farmers on the new farm laws and said the even after passing of these new laws, neither the mandis have been scrapped nor the MSP has been taken away.
He also stated that the government respects the protests of farmers and the government is ready to discuss the concerns of the farm bill clause by clause. However, Modi also asserted that some 'Andolan Jeevis' are trying to smear the pure form of farmers protest.
He asked whether brandishing the placards of Naxals, Terrorists in farmers protest serve any purpose of farmers.


Talking about the recent attacks on private players in the grab of farmers protest, the PM said that those days are gone someone could take votes by abusing private companies.
He added that the private sector is as important as the public sector and they also contribute to nations progress, insulting them is like insulting the youths.


PM lashed out to opposition by saying that some parties often talk about gender equality but oppose Triple Talaq. PM responded to the question where opposition asked why these reforms were brought when no one asked for it.
PM Modi replying this explained that we can't work in 21st century India with 18th-century mindset. The youths can't wait forever for reforms.


On the ruckus created by the opposition in Parliament during the speech of PM, the PM Modi fired salvos at opposition by saying that all ruckus, sloggering, noises created by the opposition is a part of the same attempt to derail the truth from coming out in public but the truth will come out.