IT Minister Issues Strict Warning To Twitter And Facebook Says, ‘They Need To Abide By The Constitution Of India And Laws Of India’

NewsDesk    11-Feb-2021
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After witnessing various incidents where the role of Social Media platforms was very prominently found to be instigating the mass of the nation feeding misleading information, the Minister for Communications, Electronics & Information Technology Ravi Sankar Prasad has verbally warned the social media platforms for spreading fake news or misleading data instigating a menace in the nation.


The Minister also told that actions will be taken if Indian Laws were defied. While addressing in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday Minister Prasad has stated, ‘There is freedom of speech but Article 19A says that this is subject to reasonable restriction’. He reminded the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln or WhatsApp to abide the rules of India to carry out business.


‘The Indian Constitution is open to criticism of government and the Prime Minister, but spreading fake news and instigative elements in the social media will not be allowed’, he further stated.


The Centre on Wednesday expressed disappointment over Twitter’s delayed obedience on the Central order to remove the ‘provocative and instigating’ tweets in context of the Farmers’ Protest.