#HinduLivesMatter: 25 Year Old Murdered In Delhi By A Group Of Particular Community For Launching Donation Drive For Ram Temple

NewsDesk    12-Feb-2021
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In yet another shocking incident which has sent shockwaves to the whole nation, a 25 year old Bajrang Dal worker was murdered in Mangolpuri of Delhi. According to reports, the 25 year old was stabbed to death by barging into his house at late night.
Even after stabbing him with sharp knifes, the attackers also attacked 25 year old Rinku Sharma at a time when he was being taken to the hospital for treatment. The attackers also attacked his mother by entering inside the premises of the hospital.
The accused have been indentified as Mohammed Islam, Danish, Zahid and Mehtab. According to the family memebers, Rinku was murdered because he had conducted a donation drive for construction of Ram temple in his locality.
According to the brother of Rinku Sharma, at late night a group pof 25-30 people forcefully entered inside the house and dragged Rinku out of the house. After he was dragged, the attackers stabbed Rinku with sharp knifes multiple times and had hit Rinku on his head multiple times with wooden sticks. After being taken to hospital, Rinku died due to serious injuries in his body.
The father of the Rinku Sharma stated that some people from peaceful community in his locality used to harass Ankit by calling him a BJP supporter and they also often abuse Prime Minister Modi.
The brother of Rinku Sharma can be heard saying that Rinku was lynched because some people from a particular community were angry over the donation drive for Ram Temple which Rinku had organised.