China Avenges Back to UK: Ban on Broadcast of BBC World News in China

NewsDesk    12-Feb-2021
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A week after of the UK’s media custodian has confiscated Beijing’s State broadcaster of its licence in Britain, now China has purposefully avenged this act by official issuing a ban on BBC’s World News television channel from getting broadcasted in the country.

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On Thursday, as per reports the National Radio and Television Administration in China has stated that BBC World News had intentionally violated the primary requirements which news are compelled to follow, that has hampered the interest of China and undermined the nation’s intention.


China has very recently alleged that BBC was involved in reporting ‘fake news with misleading intentions’ on matters like China’s response to the Pandemic and treatment of Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang.


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This act of banning BBC World News in China, came as a response to when UK’s media custodian Ofcom has revoked China Global Television Network’s licence to broadcast in the UK after a probe reportedly found that it was editorially controlled by Chinese Communist Party, and highly contradicting to the set of regulations.