Finally Twitter Gives Up; Bans 97% Of Accounts Listed By Indian Government

NewsDesk    13-Feb-2021
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After initially denying to abide by Indian laws and suspend list of provocative and anti-India accounts listed by the Indian government, now finally Twitter has suspended over 97% of accounts from the list given by the Indian government.
The Indian government was at loggerheads with social media giant Twitter after it refused to comply with the government order of banning those accounts spreading anti-India propaganda and inciting people in the name of supporting farmers in India.
The Twitter instead of complying with the orders of the Indian government had posted a blog preaching Indian laws to the Indian government and had denied any action several accounts citing free speech.
The Indian government after this attitude is Twitter was mulling to take stringent action against Twitter. On Thursday, the IT Minister had stated that every social media company is to free work in India, but they will have to abide by Indian laws.