Taliban Militants Get Taste Of Their Own Medicine; 30 Killed In Own Bomb Blast In Balkh

NewsDesk    15-Feb-2021
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On Saturday, a total of 30 Taliban Militants were blown off to death when their own explosive device blasted inside a mosque in Dawlatabad district of North Balkh in Afghanistan.

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As per sources, a group of Talibani insurgents were engaged in receiving training in Qalta village of the district on how to manufacture and assemble explosives, when suddenly a mine went off killing 30 militants on the spot, out of which 6 of them had been identified as foreigners.


The police are yet to confirm the nationality of the remaining bodies killed in the blast that took place around 9.25 a.m in their local time.


The other active Taliban Militants of the Balkh province with Mazar-i-Sharif as its capital have not commented on this issue.