Police Arrested Prime Accused Of 2002 Godhra Tragedy After 19 Years

NewsDesk    16-Feb-2021
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The police after 19 long years has successfully arrested the prime accused in the infamous 2002 Godhra tragedy incident.

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In 2002 a mob torched a coach of Sabarmati Express at Godhra station, leading to the death of 59 Karsevaks.


The police have informed that the prime accused has been identified as Rafiq Hussain Bhatuk. This 51 years old accused was an alleged part of the core group involved in the conspiracy.


Rafiq was arrested in a raid at a house in the Signal Falia area near the Godhra Railway Station. The SP of Panchmahal district informed that another three accused named Salim Ibrahim Badam, Shaukat Charkha and Abdulmajid Yousuf Mitha are yet to be arrested and it is believed that the trio had fled to Pakistan.