China After 8 Months Unveils Death Of 5 PLA Soldiers In Galwan Clash With Indian Army

NewsDesk    19-Feb-2021
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On Friday, for the first time China has unveiled that four of its soldiers were killed during the clash that happened with in June with the Indian Army troops at Galwan Valley.

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China Global Television, the Chinese state media has stated that 5 People's Liberation Army soldiers were honoured with honorary tilte and first-class merit citation on sacrificing their lives in  June clash last year with the Indian Army at Galwan Valley.
People's Liberation Army and Indian Army had sustained a border turmoil at Galwan Valley in the Ladakh region  in June 2020 in which 20 soldiers of the Indian Army had lost their lives. 

As per a Russian Media News Agency report, TASS the number of chinese PLA soldiers that had lost the lives in the clash should be somewhere around 45.  But the Chinese Government has been in continuous denial for 8 months, until Friday, when the government broke its silence in this matter