From ‘Axom Bosaon Ahok’ To ‘Congress Bosaon Ahok’; Congress Has Seen It All Ahead Of Assam Polls

NewsDesk    20-Feb-2021
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Just ahead of the 2021 Assam Assembly polls, the Assam Pradesh Congress has kick started the Axom Bosaon Ahok Campaign. As a part of that campaign, from the past three days continuous campaign in the Kachar district.
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In the Borkhola constituency, due the disagreement in the ideas, two groups had formed among the Congress party, wherein Former Congress MP Sushmita Dev, Former Congress Minister Ajit Singh along with many other leaders were also a part.
While raising slogans in the name of Papon Dev, a close friend of Former MP Sushmita Dev, the two groups among the crowd started a bitter argument. The partyworkers from the Borkhola constituency stated that keeping aside the local eligible candidates of the constituency, the ticket is being handed over to Papan Dev.
This matter took a serious turn when the furious party workers started physically hitting other members at the campaign and the campaigning site turned to a fightground.