Peren District Of Nagaland Opposes Indefinite Chakka Bandh

NewsDesk    22-Feb-2021
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A certain unknown illegal Aqahuto area organization called for an indefinite ‘Chakka Bandh’ on February 22 which has been strongly opposed by the Peren district civil society organizations (CSOs) through the presidents of Zeliangrong Baudi (n) C.R Zeliang, Nagaland Zeliang People organization Kevipele Iheilung and Zeme Council(N) Dr. Tumda Newme.


The Commissioner of Nagaland has appreciated the democratic means of protest against the state government for any unmet demands by any citizens of the state.


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The CSOs have asked the state government authority ‘to avert such illegal activities on the district’. They have issued warning that the CSOs should not be held responsible for any consequences in case of any situation that might have arosed as a fallout.