Positive News Awaits In Connection To Double Employees Abduction By ULFA Assam, ULFA, Paresh Baruah,

NewsDesk    22-Feb-2021
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The negotiations regarding the release of the two employees, Ram Kumar and Pranab Gogoi, is still ongoing between the Quippo oil and Gas Company and ULFA-I Chief Paresh Baruah. Kaushik Phukan stands as a middleman in the negotiation.

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The ULFA Chief Paresh Baruah has clarified to the mass through media that ‘stringent punishment’ does not mean killing of the two employees. But yet, there was no comment from Baruah in regards to the release of the two. By 6.30 in the evening, through media help Paresh Baruah will let the people of Assam know about his takes on it, yet he is affirmative that the entire negotiation will be sorted out via discussions.