'The Efforts To Make the Whole World Bharat With Knowledge And Experience Is Ongoing': RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat In A Book Launch

NewsDesk    22-Feb-2021
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Addressing a book release on Sunday in New Delhi, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat talked about a host of issues including the real character of Bharat, foreign invasions. 
Mohan Bhagwat asserted that when Islamic invaders came to India to rule and loot the resources of India, many of them were influenced by the Bhartiya culture. He added that Islamic invaders like Dara Sikhoh is one of the best examples who not only read and understand Vedas but also translated it. 

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However, Bhagwat also amplified that this influence of Bhartiya culture on foreign invaders became unacceptable for some cruel Islamic invaders like Aurangzeb and what Aurangzeb did was an act of hurdle in the process of unity between Hindus and Muslims. 
Mohan Bhagwat also emphasized the fact that today there is no invaders in India and everyone who lives in India are culturally Hindus pertaining to the same land and descendants. 
Speaking about the global influence of Bhartiya culture, Bhagwat cited that even Hitler used to refer to himself as Arya because Arya was a respectable word in the whole world. However, he also added that Hitler adopted Arya for political benefits. 
RSS chief also stressed the significance to make the whole world Bharat. He asserted that making the whole world Bharat doesn't mean invading any land or deploying military but it means illuminating the whole world with the knowledge and experience of Bharat.