Eight Cancer Screening Centers To Become Operational In Tripura From February

NewsDesk    05-Feb-2021
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To deal with the cancer cases at a preventive stage, the state of Tripura is all set to get 8 cancer centers commencing this month.
Setting up these cancer centers aims to identify cancer at an early stage to offer better treatment and raise life expectancy.
Goutam Majumder, a notable cancer surgeon, stated, “These ceners will be centered around Dharmanagar, Dhalai and Udaipur district hospitals, Kumarghat and Jolaibari community health centres (CHC) and the regional cancer centre. The centres would be opened from February in a phased manner,”
Several reports point that 70 percent of cancer are now admitted to hospitals at an advanced stage where giving a proper cure is challenging.
Every year, Tripura records around 2,500 new cancer cases.