Death Toll Rises To 14; 170 Missing; Multi-Agency Rescue Missions Intensified: Uttarakhand Glacier Burst

NewsDesk    08-Feb-2021
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After the tragedy hit in Chamoli in Uttarakhand leading to flash floods due to the bursting of a glacier, wherein so far atleast 14 people have been declared dead and 170 people are still not found.

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The experts are stating that this menace was totally human induced; the stone quarrying, blasting of mountains and digging of tunnels in the base of the fragile mountain system for the two back-to-back under construction dams on Rishi Ganga and Dhauli Ganga rivers, despite of several expert warnings from ecologists and geologists.


Meanwhile, multi-agency rescue operations have resumed in the devastated area.


In association with the SDRF, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police could also intensify the rescue operations manifold. Infact the Indian Air Force has also joined in the rescue missions in order to empower the relief operations.


Chamoli Police has so far stated that a total of 15 people has been rescued and 14 bodies have been recovered from various locations.