Horrific: 115 Women Rescued From Nigeria Who Were Raped And Impregnated In A Human Milk Factory

NewsDesk    09-Feb-2021
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Abuse has seemed to attain an all-new dimension in the whole world when a horrific case of Nigeria came to light. The authorities of Nigeria have successfully rescued 115 women in the age range of 16 to 22, from a Human Milk Factory. ‘These women were constantly raped and impregnated while filming them before their breast milk got harvested to manufacture dairy products’, states the Authority sources.

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Most of the women from these 115 were reportedly missing from past three years or more. The accused are suspected to film these traumatic actions and later on uploaded to the dark web.

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As per sources, this entire racket was funded by consumers on the dark web wherein each of the people use Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency for the payments to avail these horrific visuals. The girls were raped and impregnated on live streaming, even after child birth, they were milked like animals using machines.

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Upon payment of premium fees, the consumers can get access of a customised message along with the video in which the women were compelled to say things like, ’This milk is for you, (customer name).’ Some customers can demand for feeding the women certain specific diet before milking.


This entire case exhibits the animalic behaviour of a certain mass of population wherein these morbid treatments to the women remained a tough job for the other sections of the population to comprehend.