Fact Check: ALT News Insults Assamese People. Presents Badruddin Ajmal Video Miya Bengali Language AsAssamese Language

NewsDesk    11-Mar-2021
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The ALT news which introduces itself as a fact-checking website whose one of the fact-checker Mohammed Zubair had been earlier booked under the POSCO act for torturing a minor girl recently did a fact check story about Badruddin Ajmal's viral video on social media.

In an article published in both English and Hindi, while fact-checking, ALT news in one of the line wrote that Badruddin Ajmal's viral video is in the Assamese language.


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However, the fact is the language that Badruddin Ajmal used in the video is a Bangladeshi Bengali origin language which people in Assam often refer to as the Miya language.

It is an irony that the fact-checking website Alt news which claims them as the best fact-checking website don't even know the difference between the Assamese language and the Miya Bengali language.

This act of ALT news presenting Miya Bengali language as the Assamese language could be seen as an insult to the Assamese culture.