Opinion: Mamata Banerjee's New Hindu Lover Image Ahead Of Polls

NewsDesk    15-Mar-2021
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The elections in West Bengal have been turned into a full-fledged political war. This leaves the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee with no choice but to arm herself with all kinds of gimmicks. Be it playing the ‘Hindu Card’, or the ‘Victim Card’, she is leaving no stones unturned to gain the sympathy of the voters in the state.

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The incidents of Mamata Banerjee chanting the Chandi Paath from a political platform and campaigning in a wheelchair with her leg in a plaster have proved the potential of the 66 years old Banerjee to mould herself into anything needed for securing her vote bank.


In Bengal, Muslims play a very decisive role. Thereby, we have seen CM Banerjee wearing hijab. And now, with the aggressive campaigning of BJP, she is all set to take her Hindu Card out.


She has recently also seen to defame the BJP in West Bengal by stating that the so-called attack on Wednesday that injured her to this extent was conspired and executed on her by the BJP party. Even though, the TMC founder Mamta Banerjee has failed to stick to a single narrative of the attack on her, and till now she has altered her statement for the third time calling it a conspiracy, and denying her second statement where she claimed it to be an accident.


Virtually no one in this ‘ground zero’ of Bengal believes Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee’s claim that she sustained an injury on her left foot because she was attacked by a group of four to five men. Infact, the Shopkeepers and people around the site of the alleged attack find Banerjee's claims difficult to believe.


There is no denying the fact that the BJP through the aggressive campaigning in the state of West Bengal has succeeded in drawing a mind picture to the TMC of attaining a major chunk of Hindu votes in this West Bengal Assembly Polls. This phenomenon is definitely can be called Modi-specific.


It is always tough to make a political prediction, but if one is guided by the sentiments and logic of the voters, then this year the TMC’s chances in West Bengal Assembly Polls are slim, and somewhere the political gimmicks of the TMC Leader and Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee might back fire on the exit polls.


The EC on Sunday has ordered the removal of Vivek Sahay, West Bengal director security, the suspension of Purba Medinipur SP Pravin Prakash while transferring district magistrate Vibhu Goel for poor police arrangement last week in connection to CM Mamta’s injury.