NDA Alliance To Retain Power in Assam With 64-72 Seats But UPA Makes Contest Tough: C Voter Survey

NewsDesk    16-Mar-2021
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The ABP news on Monday (March 15) released yet another C-voter opinion poll ahead of the first phase of Assam assembly polls. According to the opinion poll, the BJP led NDA is likely to win around 64-72 seats. On other hand, the AIUDF-Congress-led grand alliance is projected to secure 52-60 seats pointing towards a close contest in Assam polls.
In terms of vote share, the NDA alliance will receive around 45% votes which is 3% up from votes received in the last assembly polls held in 2016. 
Meanwhile, the UPA alliance led by AIUDF-Congress will garner 43% vote share which is 11% more.