SC Refuses To Put Stay On Electoral Bonds No Evidence Of Adverse impact on elections

NewsDesk    26-Mar-2021
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The Supreme Court of India today dismissed the plea of an NGO named Association For Democratic Reforms which asked the Supreme Court to pass an interim order and stop the issuance of electoral bonds ahead of the polls scheduled in 5 states.
The plea of ADR asked the Supreme Court to stop the fresh sale of electoral bonds till the courts make a final decision on the three pending petitions on the Supreme Court challenging the authenticity of these electoral bonds.
However, the court refused to entertain this plea and while rejecting the plea, the court stated that no interim order is required in this case as it had already issued interim orders earlier directing the political parties to submit details of donations received through electoral bonds in a sealed cover to EC.
An electoral bond is an instrument that a person, firm or any organization in India can buy to make donations to the political parties where the identity of the donor remains unknown to the public.