Bishnupriya manipuri movie Megha 2 Poster Released

NewsDesk    28-Mar-2021
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The second poster of Assam's indigenously made Bishnupriya manipuri dialect movie Megha 2 has been released.
The Producer Narendra N Sinha and Director cum Actor Siddharth Sinha have been seen taking part in the poster release gladly held at the Guwahati Press Club.
Narendra Sinha said that Megha 2 under the banner of Norman Studio Works is the second movie that the censor board has censored in Bishnupriya manipuri dialect.
He further added, " We are expecting that the audience would appreciate the movie with whole heart. "
Even actor Siddharth Sinha, actress Kinori Gogoi and other associated talented bunch of persons have also taken their turn to talk breifly about the movie and urge the audience to accept and appreciate it.