After Insulting Ahoms, AIUDF MLA Aminul Islam Hurls Sexist Comment Says 'Pijush Hazarika Can't Control His Wife'

NewsDesk    02-Apr-2021
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The AIUDF MLA Aminul Islam who is known for his communal statement and statements denigrating Assamese culture today took potshots at BJP leader Pijush Hazarika. Aminul Islam was responding on the issue of fake and edited video of Pijush Hazarika wife circulated by Pratidin time journalist.

While responding on this issue, AIUDF MLA Aminul Islam tried to insult the wife of Pijush Hazarika by saying that Pijush Hazarika can't control his wife and he is now trying to control a journalist who according to Aminul Islam is honest. 

Aminul Islam also used foul language for Minister Pijush Hazarika by saying that Pijush Hazarika has lost his mind as he is losing elections from Jagiroad. Aminul Islam said that Pijush Hazarika should have threatened his wife for speaking wrongly instead of threatening the journalist. 

A controversy surrounding Pijush Hazarika erupted yesterday when an audio clip of Pijush Hazarika correcting the journalist who had shared the edited clip of Ainee Hazarika went viral. 


An edited clip of Pijush Hazarika wife was shared by Pratidin time implying that Ainee Hazarika is asking Bengali people to leave India if they don't support CAA.
However, in the unedited video, Ainee Hazarika can be seen saying the if the government will agree with those who are opposing the CAA, then persecuted Bengali Hindus would have to leave the nation and they won't find any place to live in.