'Modern Generation Taking Marriage Lightly And Apply For Divorce On Petty Reasons': Madras High Court

NewsDesk    03-Apr-2021
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Hearing a married couple's petition, the Madras High Court recently made a crucial observation on marriage. The court stated that the present generation people are taking the sanctity of marriage lightly and decide to apply for divorce for unimaginable trivial reasons.
The court also opined that the present generation doesn't understand marriage's concept seriously, and intolerance is increasing in marriages resulting in more family courts.
The court made these. observations while hearing the husband's petition, who wanted the court to declare his marriage with his wife null and void.
The husband, in his petition before the court that his wife is suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and is unable to give birth.
The husband made a categorical allegation that his wife is suffering from 'PSOS' due to which her menstrual cycle would extend for more than 25 days a
The court also stated that PSOS is common among many people and can't be confined to impotence. The court also noted that impotence and not being able to give birth both are different issues.