Modi Govt Makes World Record. Constructs 36.4 KM Roads Each Day In 2020-21

NewsDesk    03-Apr-2021
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The Indian government has made a world record in the area of infrastructural development by constructing 36.4 KM of roads built per day in 2020-21.
No other nation in the world constructed roads at this pace in 2020-21. India has constructed a total of 10,237 KM of the road in the year 2020-21.
This is seen as an achievement as during the year 2020-21, the whole world was engulfed with the COVID pandemic, with many nations going into lockdown. However, India took this as an opportunity and constructed 36.4 Kilometers of the road every day in 2020-21.
For the year 2021-22, the ministry has set its target at 14,600 KM of national highways.