Frustrated Communal Anti-nationalist Writer Sikha Sarma Insults Martyrs. Says Taking Salary And Dying Is not Martyrdom

NewsDesk    05-Apr-2021
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In what can be seen as a major insult to the martyrs of the Chattisgarh attack, controversial writer Sikha Sarma in a post on her social media account wrote that those who die taking salary are not martyrs. 
Sikha Sarma with this post was referring to the recent attack on armed soldiers in Bastar of Chattisgarh where more than 20 jawans were martyred. 

If this was not enough for Sikha Sarma, she went ahead and wrote that if anyone who is salaried is a martyr then an electrician dying during his job should also b seen as a martyr and so there is no need to evoke false emotions on the recent Naxal attack against armed soldiers

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This is not the first time Sikha Sarma has courted controversy, she recently addressing a rally had said that if there can be a Ram temple in Ayodhya then she also want a mosque in the middle of Guwahati city.