'Not Lockdown, Regular Prayers To Allah Will End COVID In Maharashtra': Says Mohammed Noori Of Raza Academy

NewsDesk    07-Apr-2021
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As the nation continues to reel under the pandemic of COVID-19 with the uncontrolled spike in COVID cases. The situation in Maharshtra is more terrible and now the state government is imposing several restrictions to control the COVID cases. 
However, the secretary of Raza Academy, an organisation responsible for Azad Maidan riots of 2012 in Mumbai is not happy with the restrictions as holy festival Ramadan is approaching near.
In a letter written to the CM of Maharashtra, Udhhav Thackrey, the secretary of Raza Academy, Mohammed Saeed Noori has requested to relax the rules and allow Islamic devotees to gather and offer prayer during the Ramzan festival.
In the letter, Noori states that lockdowns can't help to contain COVID-19 and not allowing to offer prayers will only increase the pandemic. He also stated that regular prayers to Allah will eradicate COVID and so large gethering of devotees during Ramzan to offer prayers should be allowed.